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Machu Picchu
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South America

Carnival Is Another Name Of This Piece of Land

Fast Facts

Area: 17,840,000 square kilometer
Largest Country: Brazil
Smallest Country: Suriname
Languages Spoken: Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, English, French and many more tribal languages as well
Currency: No single currency. Peso, US Dollar, Real, etc is in vogue.
Time Zone: UTC -2:00 to UTC -5:00
Religion: Predominantly Christianity
Climate: Wet and Hot but being a vast continent it varies from temperate to extreme rainfall.
Population Density: About 21.4 per square kilometer - Purmamarca South America is the continent that lay in the western and southern hemisphere. So one can experience the difference very much in this part of the world. South America is mostly associated with frenzied crowds in the football grounds, bustling city life, crowded metropolis, plush hotels, ancient architectural settings, international cuisines, theater loving culture, fashions, museums, shopping and also a scintillating nightlife. You can experience all if you are at either the Caracas or Buenos Aires or Cuzco. Natural beauty is at its best at Cartagena of Colombia and the place is also considered to be one of the World Heritage sites. It can be luxury cruises in Galapagos or in the Amazon River as a nature travel or you can also just embark on the adventurous sports including rafting, climbing and diving. Explore more of South America through your own lens

History - Machu Picchu It was near Ecuador in a place called Valdivia that the earliest inhabitants of South America have been. These people chose agriculture and farming as their occupation and it led to rise in agriculture and subsequent human settlements near Ecuador. However, the earliest civilization was near Peruvian coast and it is known as the Chavin civilization that spanned for several years between 900 BC and 300 BC. Soon, terrace farming became predominant and there was evidence of metal work too during that time.

Several civilizations rose and fell in the lands of Amazon deltas. However, with European colonization of several countries of South America, there was also subsequent exploitation of the people and the land with spread of diseases and outbreak of epidemics. African slaves were drove into this land both for political as well for economic reasons. This also paved way for birth of the South American War of Independence.

However, until the 20th century, few countries did not gain their independence, like Guyana from the clutches of United Kingdom and Suriname from the hands of the Dutch. However, this continent got transformed into a battlefield during the 20th century as several governments of Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile were simply overthrown by the US. Internal conflicts also gained good ground and revolutionary movement picked up momentum in different parts of South America. During the recent times, majority of the countries of the continent have united to emerge as Union of South American Nations. This should hopefully see the countries in the path of development.

Geography - Perito Moreno Glacier To the west of the South America lay the Pacific Ocean and the north and eastern boundaries are enveloped by the Atlantic Ocean. North America lays to the northward. The topography includes deserts, rain forests, lakes, islands and waterfalls. The climate of South America is mostly hot and wet. However, different parts of the continent experience varied climatic conditions due to its geographic location and influence of ocean currents and winds. It is the Amazon River Basin that is typically wet and hot whereas the mountain ranges of Andes are extremely cold with low temperature throughout the year. Chile is the driest part of the continent with deserts spread while Peru is extremely cold country. It is the El Nino effect that is the most amazing climatic feature of South America. It influences the climate of South America and often brings with it heavy rainfall in most of the dry parts of continent.


South America, the land of varied beauty, can be explored either through amazing cruises or hitchhiking from one place to another. Either ways the places bet that your pleasure quotient would never fall. It is the Amazon rain forest that quite synonymously known with South America. - Kenko It is the same rain forest of Amazon that is one of the world's richest bioreserve with rich and diverse flora and fauna. It encompasses old tribal life too and reflects a mysterious link between nature and human. Package tour like one encompassing Bolivia, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela can make great tour as you enjoy cruising through the Amazon basin, needless to say cruising through the mighty Amazon River is one of a lifetime experience.

It is in Bolivia that the mighty Andes fall into the steamy jungles and one can savor the breathtaking beauty of Amazonian and Andean landscapes. Explore the traditional look and feel of Bolivia as the land is mostly untapped. Lake Titicaca is one of the most famous hotspot destinations of Bolivia visited by million tourists every year. The vibrant life and misty jungles of Brazil; however, is the best hitchhiking bet because it is this country that attracts majority of tourists. - Praia Ipanema Brazil is a land of seductive and staggering beauty with lots of music, dancing and eating. From Samba dance to pristine beaches, swamplands to colonial architecture, Brazil has everything to offer one and all. It also houses one of the famous art galleries too called Memorial da America Latina. Iguacu waterfalls and several national parks such as Reserva de Desenvolvimento Sustentavel and Parque Nacional Sete Cidades are other attractions. Walk in to this land of carnival and see your hearts dance the Samba in Brazil.

One can wander through the colonial cities of Peru and contemplate on the ancient ruins and rubbles of the land. The country also has spectacular natural beauty and sites such as Islas Flotantes. One may want to go trekking through Canon del Cotahuasi after a day's hectic stroll in the market place of the Sacred Valley. Peru also boasts of wildlife-centric Islas Ballestas. - Land Iguana And Ecuador. This might be a small stretch of land as you see in the atlas but it includes splendid natural beauty that awes every visitor. It houses great sublime islands and volcanic landscapes a travel enthusiast would never want to miss. Also are the remote yet neatly tucked in different parts of this tiny country is some of the world famous pristine topical beaches.

However, if you want to experience the perfect confluence of hills, rivers, lakes, beaches and jungles, Venezuela is the perfect stop. The land that produced several Miss Universes includes South America's largest lake as well as the highest waterfall. The beauty of nature is at its best with snow-capped mountain peaks of the Andes on one side and sand beaches on the other, deep Amazonian jungles to strikingly beautiful plateaus. Explore more of Venezuela through your own eyes. - los glaciares If you are at South America and wish to experience the extremes of everything say from deserts to glaciers to adventure, the one-stop destination could be Chile. This tiny piece of land as seen on the map is amazingly beautiful with its fjords, ravines and glaciers. Outdoor sports and nature enthusiasts would love to go trekking and hiking through the Torres del Paine and Patagonia respectively. The adventurous travelers would love to go river rafting through the Futaleufu and cross into Argentina through the Andean lakes, an experience that leave anyone magical and speechless.

It is tango, frenzied crowd in the football grounds and juicy steaks of Argentina, that if not experienced, the tour of South America is incomplete.

Nightlife in South America

South America has some of the best nightspots to enjoy and get enthralled. Brazil is the best bet for an exhilarating nightlife experience and it has some excellent bars, nightclubs and dance floors. It is the land that gave birth to Samba so dance until you drop here in Brazil. Again, the nightlife at Buenos Aires, Argentina is also eclectic and worth enjoying. What more? Peru's active and vibrant nightlife never ceases before dawn and the place buzzes with dancing and boozing with party and jazzy live music bands at many places.

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